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The 14th Shanghai Fastener Professional Exhibition in 2024 opened grandly


On March 20-22, 2024, the 14th Shanghai Fastener Professional Exhibition (FES 2024), jointly hosted by Shanghai Shangsou Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Chinese Screw Network, opened grandly at the National Convention and Exhibition Center NECC (Shanghai). Since its establishment in 2010, Shanghai Fastener Exhibition (FES) has always adhered to the spirit of “craftsmanship” and is committed to creating a high-level fastener exhibition. The exhibition presents a one-stop comprehensive display platform for the fastener industry from a localized and international perspective.

Over the past decade, the scale, scope, internationalization level, and professional audience of exhibitions have continuously increased, vigorously promoting the development of the fastener industry. We have received strong support and enthusiastic participation from major associations, well-known fastener manufacturers, equipment, wire, and mold manufacturers both domestically and internationally. There are over 1000 exhibitors at this year’s Shanghai Fastener Professional Exhibition; Attracting 20000 professional viewers from around the world; 14 international purchasers participated in the pairing; More than 10 conference activities were held simultaneously. With an exhibition area of 60000 square meters, there are a total of 2 exhibition halls, namely Hall 1.1 and Hall 2.1. Nowadays, the Shanghai Fastener Exhibition has become one of the three major fastener exhibitions in the world, and has also become a benchmark for the fastener industry in China and even globally.



The theme of this exhibition is “Innovation Driven, Fasteners Connect the Future”, showcasing various types of fastener products including standard fasteners, industry-specific fasteners, stamped parts and lathe parts, as well as assembly, installation and maintenance equipment. In addition, molds and consumables for fasteners such as forming machines, heading machines, tooth rolling machines, combination machines, heat treatment, wire drawing machines, testing equipment, measuring instruments, cleaning equipment, lathes, and turning equipment were also displayed, as well as upstream and downstream wire, molds, and consumables for fasteners. The participating companies not only showcased their respective “flagship products”, but also showcased the latest achievements of the fastener industry in intelligence, environmental protection, and high-precision, fully reflecting the active exploration of the fastener industry in technological innovation and industrial upgrading.



Among the participating companies, this exhibition can be described as a “dazzling array of stars”, bringing together well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and brands. The finished products include: Zhejiang Dongming, Aozhan Industry, Jinshang Technology, Zhejiang Tenglong, Pengchi Hardware, Dongtai Qinbiao, Ningbo Jinding, Jiangsu Xinchangjiang, Anhui Ningguo Dongbo, Jiangxi Hadiwei, Cixi Zhencheng, Morgan Brothers, Shanghai Jingyang, Ningbo Antuo, Ningbo Jiulong, Shenzhen Dahe, Hebei Gunaian, Jiangsu Yongyi, Zhejiang Guangan, Changshu Standard Parts, Ningbo Ningli, Jiangsu Xinxunda, Hunan Platinum, Gongpin No.1, Zhejiang Guangquan, Guangdong Jiansheng, Wenzhou Fengding Zhejiang Senlong, Jingjiang Hengfeng, Anhui Gulian, Zhejiang Chisheng, Shanghai Yixuan, Boshicheng Hardware, Wuhu Sanliansheng, Nanjing Fubei, Handan Zhengfa, Screw Star, Jiangsu Yagu, Zhejiang Aikeshuaite, Jiangxi Yibiao, Dongguan Xinyi, Zhejiang Ansheng, Jiarui Hardware, Zhejiang Xianchuang, Ruian Zhufeng, Foshan Guangqingchang, Guangdong Kuan Biao, Ningbo Lianxin, Wenzhou Yongzheng, Shanghai Ruigu, Tianjin Shankou, Jinan Shida, Shanghai Luoweite, Lianchuangli, Ningbo Zhongli, Haiyan Yuxing, Jiashan Yongxin Jiangsu Huyue, Ningbo Aide, Zhuji Ouyang, Jinchao, Tiangong Aihe, Hebei Tianchuang, Zhejiang Ruili, Leitelingke, Shenzhen Guwanji, Mingzhan Aviation, Xinghua Yongzheng, Qifeng Jinggong, Haiyan Jingbin, Guangdong Stelao, Wenzhou Kexingtong, Ningbo Lingqi, Wenzhou Jintong, Jiangxi Cunjin, Wenzhou Huagu, Dongguan Jindianxiang, Shenzhen Yixing, Zhejiang Youwei, Wenzhou Jiuli, Jiangxi Hongzhan, Jiaxing Xingxin, Yuyao Xintai, Dongguan Ruishun, Wenzhou Xingwei, Zhejiang Qiangda, Zhejiang Shengnan, Guangzhou Kemulong, Zhejiang Bangli, Jiangsu Aiwei Weide, Lishui Chaotai, Shanghai Jinrui, Suzhou Younike, Haiyan Yasheng, Dongtai Bolinbang, Ningde Longyuan, Tianchang Sanyi, Zhejiang Xuanle, Shanghai Juhong, Dongguan Hongrui, Wenzhou Like, Jiangxi Kaixu, Handan Yongte, Handan Xinzhufeng, Dongguan Sanheli, Zhejiang Youbang, and other international giants have also attracted participation.


In addition, this exhibition also attracted multiple group enterprises to participate, such as the Haiyan Fastener Industry Association, Yongnian Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Jiashan Fastener Industry Association, Pinghu Fastener Industry Association, Xinghua Dainan Fastener Industry Association, Dongtai Fastener Industry Association, etc. They work together to showcase their respective advantages and characteristics in the fastener field, and jointly promote industry exchanges and cooperation. At the same time, the exhibition also set up multiple thematic exhibition areas, showcasing the applications of the fastener industry in new energy vehicles, aerospace, electronics and other fields, providing visitors with more comprehensive and in-depth industry insights.


Post time: Mar-21-2024